ZeaLouS Feat. 'LiL HARMz - Healer
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Zealous1 always blows my mind with his clever raps, and rich voice. This song, Healer, is what I would call a love song. It’s about that deep, and special, bond shared between a Tank and their Healer.

Zealous1 has a way of making World of Warcraft so sexy it hurts. So sit back and enjoy.

Made a new shirt for myself. <3Warrior Tank for Life.

Made a new shirt for myself. <3
Warrior Tank for Life.

NEW Upcycled Mens Rouge Colorblock Tee World of Warcraft WoW Gamer Geek Chic

This great tee has colorblock sleeves in OD Green and a long slim fit. This tshirt is made from an Official release World of Warcraft Tshirt.

Due to the vintage nature of all our fabric slight discolorations or imperfection in the fabric may occur. Sometime these are darned or repaired, sometime they are left by design.

This is a one of a kind piece!
~*~ www.ShinshayOriginals.com ~*~

Chest: 36-40in
length: 30in

Modeled by: Alexander Greer
Photos by: Trooper Thorn

~*~ www.ShinshayOriginals.com ~*~
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Three new Creations comming soon to Shinshay Originals.com

Here Internet, I made you this.
Enjoy it.

Here Internet, I made you this.

Enjoy it.

The only difference between uptown and downtown, is therapy and Valium

Today I went shopping for more supplies, and picked up my machine from the shop, so now I can get some serious work done! I keep thinking San Japan is this weekend, but isn’t in fact till next weekend, so I have time to work on a few more little things for one of my costumes, and not have to stress out.

In my depression this week I picked at my nails more than I should have and their super sore, and despite sewing with a finger condom on (those plastic things they give you when you work in a restaurant and you cut your finger) it hurts to touch things (even type) So I’m going to make a bit of a break until tomorrow.

Let’s start with today Haul from shopping!

A bunch of tees! I’ll let you guess what the blue and orange are for :P. but other wise a few tees, a white hoodies, a dress shirt and skirt for my Rally costume all these came from the thrift store ( Savers on N. Burnet).
2 yards of NEW G.I. Joe Fabric, which I’m going to turn into a night gown for myself.
As well as two great graphic novels (from halfpricebooks.com) World of Warcraft GN 3, and Elric by Micheal Moorcock. I love his book The Cornelius Chronicles, so I felt I should go this a fair shot too.

Tomorrow I’m getting my new bed delivered, my car fixed, and the exterminator is coming by to take care of those pesky scorpions that keep invading my house. If they would just stay outside I wouldn’t have to kill them, but alas. This is my house.
Slowly but Surely things are looking up.

I’m proud to day I have slept less than 5 hours over the last three days. I’m praying for sleep tonight. :(

Have a comic shelf? Share it! Nothing says more about a person, than what kind of books he/she reads, and how they are organized!

Tomorrow I’m hoping to dry run another one of my costumes to make sure I got everything ready.

On Etsy I’ve been putting together some fun, and pretty geeky, treasury listings! check them out here!


Well that’s all for now, I’m going to go (attempt) to sleep. If I’m back in a few hours, I was obviously unsuccessful!

"I’m not complicated, I’m a fashion statement."