Today’s progress!
We poured resin for the first time for my Rarity horn, won’t know-how it turns out till tomarrow but I’m feeling confident.
Next I painted and sealed Apple Pie’s apple pie.
Finished Rarity’s heraldry flag
Earthbound’s tunic is started but i need serging before I can close up the side and do boxes and hems.
Joe finished his helmet for Earth Bound (his oc guard pony).
I also cut the metal for Rarity’s skirt today too.

Moving right along but still got a few things to go!

I’m going to sleep, and you shouldn’t stay up to late either! We both need out beauty sleep!

Stay fabulous my Fillys and gentle colts!
Good night!

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Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Set I

Anime Overload 2014, Austin tx
All costumes and props build and worn by us, Colony Drop cosplay!

I know you can’t see it, but the wand and book light up! <3

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These costumes won Best in Show Anime Overload 2014

A woman is only vulnerable when her nail polish is drying, and even then she can still pull a trigger.
some great quote I heard somewhere once upon a time and that is very, very true  (via narcissasmalfoy)

More Progress today. Got Rarity’s weft sewn in and the braid put in. Still have to style the bangs, and curl the tips of the braid better.
Also worked on Apple Pie’s apple pie. It’s an secret Apple Family recipe, don’t you know? Paper clay and expanding foam. LOL. I still need to paint the crust tomorrow when it dries.
Joe’s got all the armor finished for Earth Bound, his OC guard pony, now he just need to me actually finish this tunic and he’s pretty much done save for the flag. So that’s good too.

Still gotta work on panels and stuff too >.>// so much to do so little time, and I spent so much of today just goofing off like a bad girl. >.>//
We’ll we’re going to go attempt our first resin casting project tonight, and hope it’s a success. Wish us luck!

uhhhh i hate sewing wefts. >.>//

Nightmare Rarity is comming along nnicely. Firstly my hereldry flag for my guarf to carry, still needs smaller white stars painted on later tonight. Blouse is done. Under bust cincher still needs buttons. Skirt and wig is all I have left to do. And the led strips and weft can in today so that’s getting worked on this weekend. Yeah progress. Might have this baby done by mid week! So excite.


I really love the hakama over kimono look, especially with lace-up boots <3

It’s Offical! Doris Lang Cosplay is happening.

I’ve been asked to participate in a really amazing cosplay project in the early spring next year, and I’ve officially picked the costume for it and got it approved. <3 Going to be making Doris Lang from Vampire Hunter D (anime version. I love you Amano, but I do not have that kind of time lol)


Elven by Darkluv



☆Card Captor Sakura x SuperGroupies Bag Collab☆


Oh god I need the clow card pouch 0-0




what a beautiful person

And to the introverted theatre kids, public speakers with social anxiety, and florists with allergies. 

Somewhere in the distance, Beethoven’s ghost is applauding.




what a beautiful person

And to the introverted theatre kids, public speakers with social anxiety, and florists with allergies. 

Somewhere in the distance, Beethoven’s ghost is applauding.

Got my nightmare Rarity blouse about half finished today, I hope to finish it, the heraldry, and Joe’s tunic this weekend, along with my wig restyling. Once that’s done I’ve got all week to finish my skirt and head piece. »happy claps.
Sorry I still have nothing to show for it, thought the blouse is mostly assembled it isn’t much to look at just yet. HOWEVER it’s turning out better than I expected so that’s a plus. Man, I’m going to have cleavage for days in this outfit. I would feel bad about it except I’m NIGHTMARE Rarity, and it’s more than a little appropriate. lol.

My dad got me a beautiful old home industrial sewing machine recently, I took it into work and while it turned over, it smelled like burning electrical right away. :? Going to take it to the shop tomorrow and see if they can’t figure it out. Joe said he would help be build a table for it too. It would be so awesome to have my own heavy duty machine like that. And it takes industrial feet so I can get the really good rolled hem foot AND all the compensator feet to use at the house. <3 <3 <3 how did I ever do 1/16th of the inch top stitching before I had a compensator foot?
Oh yeah, VERY carefully.

I should go to bed, I have work in the morning, and a busy week of crafting ahead of me. There are like a BUNCH of conventions going on all over the country this weekend, and I’m kinda jelly but I’ve got my own in two weeks and I have costumes to finish!!
Brony Fan Fair is probaly my fave con of the year to have fun at, and this year we’re Cosplay judges and that makes me twice as excited! Plus all the panels where going to run! I am excited!

Anyways, I should get to sleep! Late night are bad for your complexion!
Sweet dreams my Fabulous followers!

Love & Aloha
<3 Me





Give me at least one character and the reason you chose them. It can be based on looks or personality.



15 shirts by Friday.
I finished 7 today. At 25 bucks a pop, that ain’t to shabby.
I love my job. <3 <3 <3